Bed older than Buddha! I touched it, what happened?

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This BED is ODLER THAN BUDDHA! Watch this 2,800-years old bed and chair that is exhibited on a place the has been at the epicenter of ancient civilizations and the birth of Europe: in Cyprus. When this bed was used to sleep in it I imagined that couple waking up one morning and drinking their tea. While they had their morning tea, a man in India was just composing the fresh new Upanishads. Buddha and Christ wasn’t even known to ever be.


If you are here in 2017 now, try to think what will be in 300 years, in 2317? It’s a bit hard, isn’t it? Now try to think what will be in 1200 years in the future in 3217. It is almost impossible, is it? How about thinking 2800 years ahead for 4817?

Well let’s do this mental jump from that morning, in that bed, drinking that tea. I am the future teller and I tell you now what will be! In 300 years a great saint will be born. He will be remembered for thousands of years. His name will be Gotama the Buddha and he will teach a new way how to experience divine consciousness without even calling it that way. He will refuse all forms of religion and teach how to wake up spiritually on your own. / (ca. 500 BC).

Now take an even longer time and think 1200 years ahead! Another impactful spiritual teacher will arrive on Earth and he will be called Jesus Christ. People will create churches and religion. This religion will stand for thousands of years after him and even time will be calculated from his birth ever after in most of the kingdoms of Earth. They will call those kingdoms “nations” or “countries” in languages yet to born.

And my Cypriot friends, with that tea in your hand double that time span and go an almost unimaginable  time of 2800 years ahead in time! A huge shift will occur on Earth where people will go through rapid and momentous leaps in evolution. They will call it “modernity” and they will carts that move by themselves and they will fly in the sky in iron tubes! They will even go to the Moon with the iron tube. Shortly after this another leap occurs and they will call it post-modernity. They will talk to each other magically with a box in their hand from far distances and they can even see each other from far away! They will call it “internet” and “video call” and do long distance trades with those magic boxes. It will be the miraculous futuristic time and in this another wave will arise, the post-postmodern times.  They will say that there has been waves of evolution and think of you as an earlier stage of evolution. But they will have to learn to appreciate you and understand the oneness with you. And dear Cypriot friends you don’t even know how important you are: the bed in which you sleep now will be the magical link. Yes, your bed will still be there with them! The gods will hide it deep in the limestones of your land so that in 2800 years they will find it. They will put it in a house they call “museum” so that everyone from the Earth can come and see it and feel the connection with you.

I went up there to this bed and carefully observed it and touched it. It felt very very familiar. It is indeed similar to a contemporary European bed frame, if you would say that it was made in the 1950-ies I would believe it. So my message to you my dear Cyproit friends back 2800 years ago is this: I have found your bed. And focused on you. And I have felt that maybe we are not so different as I thought. I feel humbled. And I say thank you.

This visitation was made on the 14th of December, 2017 in the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia. This short contemplation text was written in Budapest, Hungary on the 19th of December, 2017.


Source: The Cyprus Museum in Nicosia,

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